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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you ever wondered what your styles may be? Fashion wise that is, well maybe i can help you! For instance, have you ever had that urge to wear something totally unique and wonder if your taking too big of a leap and than chicken out? well dont!! people love that sort of thing, dont be afraid to take a chance, because in the end your very likely to be happy with the results, and along with that comes a good self asteem.
Try out old fashion styles, because those styles are the ones that are coming back, wear a lot of Plaid, and things you migh remember from thr 60's and 70's, even wearing your hair in unique styles, things to look out for:

Dont get too hung up in it, keep the style modern old-fashioned, a little of this time and a little of that time.
And Also be sure to make the sure the clothing is good looking some styles that were seen in the late 60's and 70's should stayed there long and baried. To see what you may like and what others will like visit local websites, such as www.Modcloth.com and www.Vforvintage.com contact me for more information! -Jen