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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior Year is all about STYLE..

Heyy class of 2010 here is the greatest place for your senior pictures the BEACH!! =]
Its a bummer summer's almost over... but.. heyy senior year babayy!! i styled a flowy dress and a brod shoulderd "black&white" jacket for that 30's look.. i have AWESOME shoes.. and Accessories but you know.. i really felt like going for that free relaxing look at the beach...=D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remove Formatting from selection

My summer look.. Assesorized nifty shades with random braids. lol my hippie bag.. a loose summer color coverup.. over a indie tank top. =D the shorts are actually bermuda shorts that i pulled up.. =D and of course you cant forget my "Soft" Boots that i thrifted for 12 dollars!!! =D woohoo.. =DO also have my big orange earrings and a bracelet i like to match to it.. =] and a feather hair clip that i made! =D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The hippie

I like to accesorize a baggy shirt with a skirt and a belt. =] im wearing a bohemian inspired headband and a beaded charm. next time ill get better pictures of my outfit. =] <33

Sunday, March 1, 2009

For that Vintage Look

So, i have talked about what fashion is in.. the Whole "Hippie" style, of course blast from the past...work you way backwards to the 70's 60's to the 50's and even a little 30's in there, now dont get carried away and throw out all your clothes, and remaster it with this old fashion look, ADD the new look to your old look, accessorize your blue jeans with a funky old style top, do your hair curly and part it in a french twist to the side! (mainly for long hair)

Check out this top im going to get here eventually

With some Skinny Blue jeans..i can make this outfit work with just about any hairstyle and any shoes.. =]
Get creative with your look! work with what you got and add some attractive looks to it!
For places to find the right look your looking for, try the following sites:
http://www.modcloth.com/ (recomend for the 70's-80's look)

http://www.reddressshoppe.com/Tops.htm (70's -30's look)

http://www.vforvintage.com/ (vintage)

http://www.freepeople.com/?cm_mmc=google-_-Affluent%20Lady-_-Shopping%20-%20Content-_-fashion%20shows (just about everything.)

Its understandable that the clothing and products can get expensive, and who has the money to go and get all this stuff?? well, look in your local thrift stores, and Buffalo Exchange, and Forever 21.. ect. The idea is to work off what you HAVE and transform it into a very unique style of your very own! -Jen

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you ever wondered what your styles may be? Fashion wise that is, well maybe i can help you! For instance, have you ever had that urge to wear something totally unique and wonder if your taking too big of a leap and than chicken out? well dont!! people love that sort of thing, dont be afraid to take a chance, because in the end your very likely to be happy with the results, and along with that comes a good self asteem.
Try out old fashion styles, because those styles are the ones that are coming back, wear a lot of Plaid, and things you migh remember from thr 60's and 70's, even wearing your hair in unique styles, things to look out for:

Dont get too hung up in it, keep the style modern old-fashioned, a little of this time and a little of that time.
And Also be sure to make the sure the clothing is good looking some styles that were seen in the late 60's and 70's should stayed there long and baried. To see what you may like and what others will like visit local websites, such as www.Modcloth.com and www.Vforvintage.com contact me for more information! -Jen

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When most People consider Hippies they think of the Great of 70's era, well you should be happy to know, they happen to be in style this year of 08' to 09'. Like Most fashion trends, Hippies are coming back, and better than ever! now we hippies get to use blue too!! not just browns and yellows, although they are the preferred choice along with olive green of COURSE! So watch out! Because the latest look is that Futuristic Blast From the past Autum look. =]